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Hi, my name is Charl Coetzee and playing guitar was never second nature for me. I’ve had to work hard to get to where I’m at today and I’ve learned some incredible things along the way that I’d love to share with you. I’ve never had a proper job and I’ve been playing guitar for a living since I’ve left school. I have a Bmus Hons Degree in music, and I’ve interviewed and learned from the world’s greatest guitar players like Joe Satriani, Buddy Whittington, Joe Bonamassa and loads more.

Tips on Vibrato for Blues & Rock Guitar

If you want to level up your lead guitar playing and really sound like you know what you’re doing, then you need to develop a killer vibrato.It’s the ONE that makes all the difference in your playing.SRV, BB King, Clapton, Angus Young and all those legendary players all have their signature vibrato.They can play one […]

How To Play Blues Guitar – Essential Techniques Lead

In this week’s lesson I’d like to talk about the secret sauce soloing techniques.It has nothing to do with fancy scales or speedy licks.It does have EVERYTHING to do with how you play the notes.That’s where articulation and phrasing kicks in.If you work on these techniques you’ll be able to get WAY more mileage out […]

How To Play Blues Guitar – Essential Techniques

Hey guys!In today’s post I’ve got a longer video for you that runs you through some essential blues techniques.If you want to play the blues, you don’t need 101 scales and a 1001 chord voicings. All you need is soul, attitude and killer phrasing abilities.What is phrasing exactly?Well, it’s focusing more on HOW you say […]

Blues Guitar Licks – Flashy Blues Lick

Today we’re going to look at a flashy blues lick.The blues is definitely all about emotion and feeling as demonstrated by players like BB King, but throwing in a bit of flash here and there has never hurt anyone, right?The cool thing about this lick is that you’re able to get a ton of speed […]

Blues Guitar Licks – 3 Essential Phrasing Techniques

Have you ever wondered what it takes to make your guitar solos sing?If you have you’re in luck because today I’m going to teach you a blues lick that uses a couple of essential articulation techniques such as hammer ons, pull offs and slides.These articulation techniques are what make your guitar sing, and they also […]

How To Play Blues Guitar: Licks

In this lesson I’m going to teach you a pretty cool blues lick! What you heard there was the lick in the open position making use of string bending, hammer ons and pull offs!Watch the lesson to learn this lick: If you’d like the tabs from the lesson then click on the button below! CLICK […]

How To Play Blues Guitar: Jump Blues

In today’s lesson I want to show you the cool blues riff you’ve just heard!It’s played at a fairly brisk tempo and it’s got that “jump blues” kind of feeling.I’m going to show you the secret behind that sweet fluid sound – hammer ons and pull offs, also known as “slurs.”Ready for the lesson?Lets go: […]

How To Play Blues Guitar: Greasy Double Stops

There’s no better way to add grease to the groove than a couple of double stops! Add some spice with this pretty common Blues feature, and enjoy that greasy bluesy sound that is still so popular!Here’s what I did: Thanks for watching guys! We hope you learned something new from this. CLICK FOR TABS

How to Play Blues Guitar: “Going Down”

If you want to play blues like a boss, then you need to know the Three Kings. That would be Freddie, Albert and B.B King. (No relation to each other.)Players don’t come more legendary than those three kings. In fact, they are the inspiration behind the well-known legends like Clapton, Stevie Ray Vaughan and Jeff […]

Texas Blues Guitar Shuffle Solo

Tired of having your solos sounding like scales?Then you need to learn how to use chord tones.Check out the video below for a fun Texas Blues Shuffle Solo along with a quick breakdown on how to use chord tones: Would you like to get the tabs for this solo?Grab them here…

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