If you want to play blues like a boss, then you need to know the Three Kings.

That would be Freddie, Albert and B.B King. (No relation to each other.)

Players don’t come more legendary than those three kings.

In fact, they are the inspiration behind the well-known legends like Clapton, Stevie Ray Vaughan and Jeff Beck.

So it makes sense that us mere mortals check ‘em out as well, right?

I think so too, which is why in this video, I’d like to show you a Freddie King riff played with a rock attitude.

It’s a fun riff that’s great for a blues jam, and it’ll demand the respect of your friends and bandmates...

If you’re into high octane rock, you gotta check out the Satriani rendition below:

Hope you enjoyed this!

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Hi, my name is Charl Coetzee and playing guitar was never second nature for me. I’ve had to work hard to get to where I’m at today and I’ve learned some incredible things along the way that I’d love to share with you. I’ve never had a proper job and I’ve been playing guitar for a living since I’ve left school. I have a Bmus Hons Degree in music, and I’ve interviewed and learned from the world’s greatest guitar players like Joe Satriani, Buddy Whittington, Joe Bonamassa and loads more.

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