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How To Play Like Hendrix

Today I am going to give you a basic lesson on how to play like Hendrix! This is for those of you who are new to his style. I’m going to show you how he mixed rhythm and lead together.

I’ve composed a very simple Riff in the key of G:

G A Bm

What I am going to do is show you 3 different approaches to adding embellishments to chords! What is an embellishment you ask? Well that’s simple:

So basically it is  adding something to the chord to make it sound better.

Thrills and fills if you will - have a look:

Those are embellishments! In essence its a D chord, but I am adding and taking away notes to embellish the chord.

Here is the first example:

Here is the progression with just the chords:

Now let me break that down for you:

Now here it is with the fills:

Let’s check out what I did there:

There we go! This is a basic introduction to what Hendrix does and keep in mind that this is a very simplified example of the technique! I’m going to play it through a couple more times for you and vary the rhythmic feel of what I was doing.

I want to show you how changing the rhythm can drastically change the sound of what you are playing, and I will also throw in a few extra licks and fills!

Did you enjoy this? Would you like to learn more? I would be more than happy to create a workshop on this!

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