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How To Play A Slow Blues Intro

In today’s lesson we’re checking out a cool slow blues intro in the key of A.

Knowing how to launch into a blues jam will improve your level as a player and it just sounds better when you have a dedicated intro.

Believe it or not, but most guitar players don’t know how to properly start a blues jam.

Crazy right?

The good news is that once you’re done with this lesson, you won’t be one of “those” guys!

Here’s the intro you’ll be learning today.

And here’s the tab…

Let’s break that down real quick.

The cool thing is that this intro can also double as a turnaround.

Pretty nifty right?

Now you have a cool intro you can use whenever you’re launching into a slow blues in A.

If you’d like to learn the actual rhythm part, let us know in the comments below!