Do You Know Your Player Profile?

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4 Great Reasons To Take The Discover Your Player Profile Quiz!

  • If you're struggling to make the progress you would like to... it's most likely that you're practicing in a way that is not right for YOUR Player Profile. 
  •  Once you discover YOUR unique player profile you'll be able to adapt how you learn and practice the guitar which leads to RAPID improvement.
  • Based on the kind of music you want to play, what your preferred learning style is, what your guitar goals are, the level you're currently at and a couple of other factors... we will accurately determine exactly which Player Profile you are, and give you the results for FREE... PLUS you'll get a customized 10 Minute Practice Plan.
  •  You will experience WAY MORE fun and WAY LESS boredom and frustration once you discover HOW to practice in a way that makes sense for your specific Player Profile. 
  • You'll also discover what information you can completely ignore based on your Player Profile & guitar goals.

4 Reasons Why One Size Fits All Guitar Learning Methods Don't Work.

  • They treat everyone with just ONE player profile when in fact there are 16 different types.
  • They don't take into account your specific GOALS as a player. Instead they focus on more general info that tends to either bore or frustrate people.
  • They don't take into account your specific LEVEL as a player. That is a big problem because a beginner learning blues for example needs to focus on something totally different than an intermediate player.
  •  They don't take into account the preferred learning style that is in line with your specific Player Profile which leads to lots of wasted time and effort.

Who is Charl Coetzee?

​​​​Charl Coetzee is a devoted husband, father of two and the editor of the 5 Star Rated Guitar Skills Magazine

He wasn't born with natural music talent but developed an intense love for music and all things guitar as a teenager.

Once he finally cracked the code he starting showing others how to learn guitar fast in a way that fits with their player profile.

He's traveled the world as a session musician, interviewed guitar players Joe Satriani & Joe Bonamassa, obtained a Bmus Hons Degree in Popular Music Performance and now teaches thousands across the globe to learn guitar without the usual hassle and frustration.