Do You Know Your Player Profile?

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4 Great Reasons To Take The Discover Your Player Profile Quiz!

  •  If you're struggling to make the progress you would like to... it's most likely that you're practicing in a way that is not right for YOUR Player Profile. 
  •  Once you discover YOUR unique player profile you'll be able to adapt how you learn and practice the guitar which leads to RAPID improvement.
  •  Based on the kind of music you want to play, what your preferred learning style is, what your guitar goals are, the level you're currently at and a couple of other factors... we will accurately determine exactly which Player Profile you are, and give you the results for FREE... PLUS you'll get a customized 10 Minute Practice Plan.
  •  You will experience WAY MORE fun and WAY LESS boredom and frustration once you discover HOW to practice in a way that makes sense for your specific Player Profile.
  •  You'll also discover what information you can completely ignore based on your Player Profile & guitar goals.
  • 4 Reasons Why One Size Fits All Guitar Learning Methods Don't Work.

  •  They treat everyone with just ONE player profile when in fact there are 16 different types.
  •  They don't take into account your specific GOALS as a player. Instead they focus on more general info that tends to either bore or frustrate people.
  •  They don't take into account your specific LEVEL as a player. That is a big problem because a beginner learning blues for example needs to focus on something totally different than an intermediate player.
  •  They don't take into account the preferred learning style that is in line with your specific Player Profile which leads to lots of wasted time and effort.

    Charl Coetzee is a devoted husband, father of two and the editor of the 5 Star Rated Guitar Skills Magazine.

    He wasn't born with natural music talent but developed an intense love for music and all things guitar as a teenager. Once he finally cracked the code he starting showing others how to learn guitar fast in a way that fits with their player profile.He's traveled the world as a session musician, interviewed guitar players Joe Satriani & Joe Bonamassa, obtained a Bmus Hons Degree in Popular Music Performance and now teaches thousands across the globe to learn guitar without the usual hassle and frustration.